Monday, March 03, 2008

My Finds

I was in an old shop yesterday, it is only open 1 weekend a month, always the first weekend. They were having a sale in there, there were oodles of beautiful old antique furniture.. when I win the lottery I will go back and get some pieces! There was a gorgeous old rocking chair but it was $100... so it stayed there :) I was looking around on the jewelry table and the lady said it was all marked down to $1 for the day! I grabbed these 3 rings and went home and cleaned them up.... 2 are 18k gold and one is 14k gold.... not bad for $3 huh?


Anonymous said...

those are beautiful, that is one thing about living North, the shops are awesome!

Mari-jane said...

I always wonder about the history of things like that.. who wore them, what stories they could tell. Very cool.. Lucky find!