Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Week of School

School here, for 3 of the kids (Jenna, JP & Jacob) started last week on Tuesday August 19th.

Jenna is now a freshman in High School! Yikes! She will be in drivers Ed. this year which will give her one full year with a learners permit before she gets her actual drivers license. She is also taking Spanish, Biology, Algebra, and so on so forth....

JP...he is a 7th grader this year... same old routine for him!

Jacob came home on day one exclaiming that he LOVES kindergarten LOL it was so cute as we hadn't even left the school yet :)

And me? I am LOVING not being a school bus driver! I am LOVING walking the kids to and from school each day! We get up, I get them dressed, I fix them breakfast (usually eggs), we brush hair, teeth, wash faces, get the book bags ready, Jacob gets the stroller from the garage and brings it around front, I buckle Jack in and off we go....

down the street
through the park
over the railroad tracks
down the sidewalk
and then we are at school.

Only takes 10 minutes

And it is nice and cool, and it is timed just right that as we walk through the park, under the canopy of trees, the church bells play... and it makes you smile and be thankful.

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Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you're having such a great school year this year!