Thursday, September 29, 2005

Oh Goodness!

so B comes here at 6:15 in the morning crying... when I finally got her to tell me what is wrong I just didn't know what to say. She was crying because she did not want to wear the outfit she had on to school that her parents made her wear ( a blue sweat shirt and sweat pants with Cinderella on the front of the sweat shirt) it is 44 degrees out right now so the clothes are appropriate.... but the dilemma this little 5 year old kindergartner had??? she wanted to wear something COOL! oh boy oh boy are her parents in for one fun ride with her. I must say this experience made me glad that I only have 1 daughter and also glad that "cool" is not in J2's vocabulary. Now don't get me wrong, J2 is picky about what she wears but she doesn't dress to be "cool" or to look "cool" so maybe I just got off easy with her? and with 4 boys they could care less what they wear most of the time (except for J1).

OK, so B's mom just called to check and see how she is doing... she doesn't know what is up with her this morning. I told her B is fine and gave her the phone so she could talk to her. B tried to convince her mom to let me take her home so she could change SHEESH!

Well the tears dried up long ago and she is happily playing with J5 and sharing her cereal with him, hopefully she wont let her uncool clothes ruin her day :)

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