Friday, September 16, 2005

It may be dreary...

but it was a lovely day for taking pictures :) we drove out in the country so I could look for things to take pictures of :) Here is an old windmill at one of the school teachers farm house.
And then we came across some farmers out harvesting corn. I was surprised they were out with it being so damp, cool and wet... maybe they will pay to have their corn dried?

And this was a creek just past the windmill that I took a picture of up above.
And this was just a partially harvested field of corn... I just liked how the clouds looked so I snapped a pic.
Not much else going on... it is too cool and wet to let the kids out to play so they are getting a little crazy from being cooped up inside. OH J1 did pass his drivers test today so on Monday he should be getting his eye exam and receiving his learners permit... just a warning so you can stay off the roads LOL

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