Saturday, September 17, 2005

So I am not crazy...

as the Director of Nursing seemed to think... or maybe she was thinking I was stupid? I asked about getting my lead level checked since J5 is breastfeeding and has such high lead levels and she (the DON) acted as though I was concerned for myself and not for my child and that I was acting seelfishly for wanting MY lead level checked... maybe she needs to get on the same page as me! This is what I found in my search on lead levels in breastmilk... sad when we have to do our own research in order to try and help our children!

"Much of the lead in breast milk does not come from the mothers' exposure during lactation. Instead, it comes from lead stored in the mothers' bones. Because lead mimics the beneficial mineral calcium, it is stored for decades along with calcium in the bones. During pregnancy and lactation, a woman's body extracts calcium from her own bones to provide calcium for her child's bone development. Calcium extraction from bone is greatest during lactation, and as a result, lead stored in the mother's bones also enters the blood and breast milk during pregnancy and lactation, posing an exposure risk to the fetus.14 A study in April 2003 confirmed that ensuring adequate dietary calcium intake or taking a calcium supplement before pregnancy, during pregnancy and during the entire lactation period decreases the blood lead level in lactating women. Supplemental dietary calcium most likely decreases the amount of calcium and lead that comes out of the mother's bones. Therefore, women can significantly reduce their baby's exposure to lead by getting adequate dietary calcium or taking a calcium supplement during pregnancy and lactation."

So there it is... maybe that is our simple solution! And if not well then the extra calcium can't be bad for me right? I am going to increase my calcium TODAY!! Do not stop, do not pass go, go directly to the store and get CALCIUM... I know I am lacking, I do not like milk, I dont like cheese, I dont eat much yogurt... I knew J5 would get all the calcium his little body need's from me regardless of my intake, so maybe that is IT! I am to blame! Such a bad momma I can be without even knowing... people tell me what a wonderful mother I am but in reality I am not! But I am going to fix that, right now! I pray I am the cause, because then I will have the answers. How bad is that to wish it all on me?

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