Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sex & Placentas

What a title huh?!?! LOL

Well of course it was too early to determine the sex of the baby :( But the little bug looked great :) The nucal translucency test all came back normal, it had a heartbeat that looked just beautiful, 2 adorable hands and arms, 2 cute little legs and oh so adorable feet... it kept putting it's hand up to it's face... so cute! We saw the spine, the stomach... the midwife and the ultrasound tech said everything looked good with the little one. It is breech right now but at this early stage it isnt a concern.

The midwife did mention that I have partial placenta previa so I am limited on litfing anything heavy ( not sure what heavy is considered, need to call and get clarification on that one) I am not to over exert myself and I have to be careful during intercourse... I guess that means no more sex on the trampoline???? LOL sheesh! She said it should clear up by my next Ultrasound in 8 weeks, if it doesnt clear up then I will have to have a c-section... I really hope it doesnt come to that!

And that is about all for now... I will end this post with pictures of the little bug :)

a side profile (head is to the left of the picture appears to be laying on its back)

and then a view of the profile with it's hand up by its face ( head again on the left, baby appears to be laying on its back)


Cheryl said...

Ah, it looks like he/she is sucking his/her thumb!

Mari-jane said...

a beautiful little bug, and see, no worries!

Anonymous said...

so sweet and can't wait, it's good to hear that things are coming right along. it's so cool.

Amber said...

Aw, how sweet! Almost makes me want to be pregnant again. I wouldn't worry about the placenta previa at this point either. I had the same problem with Dylan at my 24 week u/s. They did another u/s at 36weeks and all was well. He was born 2 days later in a nice, quick, natural birth.