Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I went to work today and felt fine... I had to hold and carry a 9 month old a few times... felt fine.... then I had to go to the bathroom and noticed some bleeding, and then cramping... so I called my midwife.
She wanted me to come in and be checked out since I am dealing with the partial placenta previa.
Turns out I have a polyp on my cervix which she feels could have caused the bleeding. She listened to the baby's heartbeart and it was good and strong. She warned me again about any heavy lifting ( by the way, that is anything over 10 pounds HA!)
And said the cramping may just be ligamments stretching but wanted me to take it easy..
And that is it for todays exciting updates.


Anonymous said...

glad things are okay! just remember to listen, no heavy lifting! BUT, I have room to talk I don't listen to my doctors either, and they tell me that.
But, we want you both safe and healthy!

Mari-jane said...

Hope all is well.. and will you LISTEN when you are told to take it EASY?!!! Love ya, MJ

shannon said...

Be careful, lady. You don't want to aggravate the placenta previa. Hope the bleeding and cramping stops.